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OSHA Outreach Training


CSA Compliance Partners offers 10 hour and 30 hour training classes. After successful completion of the class students will receive their COURSE COMPLETION CARDS.


Training is limited to a maximum of 7.5 hours in one day. 10 hour classes are conducted over a two day period and 30 hour classes can be completed in 6 consecutive days or scheduled two times per week. Weekend classes are available on request.


We can train on your site or ours and offer competitive pricing and group discounts. Class sizes begin at 5 students and can accommodate as many as 25 students in one class. Call us now 212-374-9489.


Individuals seeking training can receive enroll in our group sessions. To receive a card students must attend all elements of the appropriate outreach training class.


  • Identify Training Needs

  • Identify Goals and Objectives

  • Develope Learning Activities

  • Conduct the Training



Call or email us today for information about upcoming class schedules. 



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