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About CSA


CSA stands for Compliance Safety Accountability, a program initiated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to improve and promote safety performance and save lives in the trucking industry. 

Learn the BASICs

BASICs stands for Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvements Categories. A percentile ranking above 65 in any BASIC category or above 60 in Hazmats will result in "Alert Status," which will trigger a WARNING LETTER from the FMSCA. 


Follow the link below to read a sample Warning Letter.

Series deficiencies in any of the BASIC categories may cause an immediate investigation. CSA Compliance Partners can manage the BASICs and help you avoid costly fines or suspension of your operating authority. 

BASICs categories: 

Unsafe Driving 
Hours of Service (HOS)
Driver Fitness 
Controlled Substances/Alcohol
Vehicle Maintenance 
Hazardous Material Compliance (HM)
Crash History 


Get the Facts 

Read the CSA 2010 Warning Letter

If you have recieved a Warning Letter call 212-374-9489 for assistance.

Safety Measurement System Methodology 

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